Posted on Jul 21, 2020

Dr Duncan MacWalter

Telehealth has been a massive change to the way we work. We can still see people face to face, but some things can be sorted out quickly, effectively and safely via the phone, reducing all our potential exposure to covid-19.

Sadly, this week the Federal Government have added restrictions to who is eligible for Medicare rebates for phone consultations. They say they want to ensure people only correct their regular GP, but there defined that as having had a face-to-face consult in the last 12 months.

Plenty of young people and young adults regard us as their family GP, but may have not seen us in the magical 12onth period.

Because of this, there may now be a charge for telehealth for some. If you have concerns about needing tested for covid-19, but haven't seen us in the last 12-months, it may be easier to hear to the public testing facilities at the Public Hospitals.

If, like us, you find this a determental change, please contact your Federal MP.
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