Posted on Mar 29, 2020

Dr Duncan MacWalter

Covid-19 / coronavirus is causing a lot of distress to many people in various ways.

It's also radically changed the way we deliver healthcare within the week, with a change to pre-arranged appointments for patients with no known viral symptoms in the morning, and phonecalls to triage all other problems and decide where best to have care delivered, or indeed just do it remotely.

This is for everyones safety and to minimise any risk of cross infection.

Moving to more phonecalls does also mean it's not a good time to change your doctor. It's imporant to have a mental picture of the person you're calling, and also have access to as much old records as possible.

Because of this, I will only be able to take on new patients who are the children of existing patients. I believe for safety and continuity of care, people should stick with the one practice, and their 'usual doctor' where possible.
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